Roof Cleaning


Roof Cleaning

Engineering Works Ltd  specializes in delivering high-quality, environmentally-friendly roof cleaning services that rejuvenate the appearance of your roof. Our team of trained professionals is committed to preserving your roof’s aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality while enhancing the overall curb appeal of your home.

Our climate presents certain challenges that many residents are familiar with, such as the unsightly black streaks that commonly develop on roofs in the area. This issue is attributed to Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-based bacterium that spreads across roofs through spores, facilitated by various means. Due to the rapid growth of this bacterium in our climate, it poses several problems for homeowners.

Engineering Works Ltd believes in the importance of cleaning for all roofs. Our skilled technicians clean various roof types to ensure a pristine and well-maintained appearance. Trust us for versatile and gentle cleaning techniques that create immaculate roofs for every home.


Engineering Works Ltd begins roof cleaning with a thorough inspection to assess its condition, prioritizing safety. We protect plants, saturate the area, and apply an eco-friendly solution to remove dirt and algae without damage. Precise agent blending and a low-pressure pump system ensure cost-effective and safe application. Our two-person team, one applying the solution and the other watering plants, enhances safety and communication. We end with a detailed final inspection for a well-maintained roof.